Session Protocol

Once you have contacted Me and scheduled a session I will expect you to follow the required protocol that I have set up for you. This protocol has been established to insure that you understand My expectations of you prior to you arriving for your appointment.

Be prompt and be on time… If I give you a designated time to confirm your appointment that will be the time to call and confirm. Once you have confirmed the appointment I will expect you to be ON TIME… That does not mean 10 minutes early or 15 minutes late ! If you are going to be late take a moment to call and let me know… I understand there May be circumstances beyond your control regarding travelso if that occurs and you know you will be delayed or must either postpone or re-schedule I expect a phone call so that I May be able to adjust My schedule accordingly. I will appreciate your efforts.

Be discreet… I expect you to arrive in casual attire or to be dressed appropriately unless I instruct you otherwise. Keep in mind that you are enetering My location in My area. I do not want to deal with the consequences of your stupidity

Make sure that you eat something even if lightly before arriving for your appointment. You will generally expel a great deal of energy during the session so be prepared. I will supply bottled water unless you choose to bring your own. NO ALCOHOL is allowed so dont ask !

Be prepared to communicate… Prior to starting the session we will take a few minutes to sit and talk. I will expect you to advise Me of any health or medical conditions you May have any physical limitations you May have your limits in session and your interests… I do not want a Laundry List”‚ so dont expect to just tell me what you want. The more things that I know you like or are interested in the better the session we will have. I will make sure that you understand your safe words and how and when to use them. If you have any questions and/or concerns this will be the time to ask. I encourage you to ask questions.

I will expect you to be courteous respectful and obedient at ALL times. You will follow all of My directions at all times during the session.

When the session begins be prepared to LET GO ! Do not attempt to top from the bottom or manipulate me in any way… Surrender yourself… I will take you to a place far far away from the stress and responsibilities of the real world.

When the session is over I will expect you to properly clean all of the equipment and toys used in the session.