Phone Etiquette

If you are interested in calling Me for more information or to schedule an appointment please take a moment and read this first. It May save both of us a lot of wasted time and energy…

First off most callers have no idea how much time a Professional Dominatrix spends on the phone giving out information and answering the questions of inquiring submissives. Most of us get dozens of telephone calls each day but for arguments sake lets just say 10 which is ridiculously low… If I speak to 10 submissives a day five days a week that comes out to more than 2500 per year ! And that multiplied by six years means that I have spoken to over 15000 submisives wanting information. If that sounds incredible just think that if each call averages 5 minutes that means that I have spent over 1250 hours in the past six years answering questions ! So with that in mind you can understand why it is so important to know what you want to say and know how to get the information you are looking for. Hopefullythat combination will result in getting the session that you are calling about.

  1. Before you call make sure you read My ad and/or My website and are sincerely looking for more information to determine if you want to schedule an appointment for a session. If you have specific questions that were not answered in the ad or on the website please be prepared to ask. That is the only way that you can get the answers you are looking for.

  2. Be courteous respectful and polite… I dont waste My time on people who are inconsiderate or obnoxious. Besides this is generally going to be My first impression of you and I am sure you have heard the expression The first impression is a lasting impression…And if that werent all think of this… would you want to piss someone off who May soon have your safety and well-being in their hands ?

  3. Be prepared to answer My questions… since you have read this far you should know that I probably have a lot more experience on the phone dealing with the issues that you are calling about than you do ! I can and will take the lead when you call Me. If you are serious about why you are calling answer My questions truthfully whether you think they are relevant or not. Remember I have had a lot of experience answering questions like yours on the telephone and giving out the information you are looking for. If you still have questions that you feel are rlevant by all means do ask !

  4. Be prepared to discuss your interests and desires openly AMD honestly. I am not there to judge you… If I understand your needs and desires it will help Me determine if we will be compatible in session. I am sure that neither one of us are interested in scheduling a sessions that we wont enjoy!

  5. Respect My limits… There is NO ORAL/GENITAL CONTACT AND NO SEX ! Dont try and change My mind or I will hang up on you… I promise to respect your limits and require that you do the same for Me!

  6. If you are thinking about free phone sex… forget it ! Call someone else because I will hang up on you. My time is much to valuable for me to waste it on some wanker who is too cheap to call a sex line and pay for what he wants… Remember I have hundreds of hours of experience on the telephone and can tell why you are calling by the questions you ask.