Mistress Review

Review of Mistress Cyan

by Mistress Katja Minx

Mistress Cyan – A Class Act

I had the absolute pleasure of watching Mistress Cyan play last evening and even though perhaps it is unorthodox for one Mistress to post a review of another I was so impressed I really had to post!

This lady brought along two of her devoted slaves as we had planned a video shoot. I was originally supposed to participatebut because of the recent loss of my beloved kitty Alobar I wasnt feeling up to it. That was no problem for Ms. Cyan who quickly changed plans and was ready to go!

The scene began with some intense cocksucking by her slave I watched as she instructed him in the proper way to worship her strapon grabbing his hair to direct him to exactly the right spot… then he made the mistake of saying no to Mistress Cyan and that was when the fun really began…

Mistress Cyan then restrained her slave standing up attached to one of my red padded special bondage platforms and it was time to teach this errant slave a lesson! The Mistress spanked and flogged her slave until his cheeks were a lovely red then with a black marker wrote Property of Mistress Cyan and slave on his still-hot arse.

Then it was time for the violet wand… Mistress Cyan plugged in the wand then attached a long chain to the device and then to herself…. she made herself into a spark machine! It was incredible to watch her slave jump and spasm at the tiniest touches of her fingernails!

But the best was yet to come… Mistress Cyan is the most amazing singletail handler Ive ever seen in the scene! The way she cracks and handles her whips was pure poetry… and the way she landed every swing exactly where she wanted on her slaves hot red cheeks was so incredible to see….

The scene then ended with another go at the strapon sucking and yes the slave improved and did not say no this time! So as a reward he was soundly violated by the Mistress as he thanked her repeatedly for her corrections and her teachings….

It was SO HOT the video and photo teams were all in agreement that it was one of the sexiest and most real SM scenes they had witnessed in some time….

Mistress Cyan you are a CLASS ACT Im so pleased that we finally got to meet and I look forward to playing with you in the future!

Katja Minx

Sleek Severe and Sensual Purr-fection!

Mistress Katja Minx