Interview by Mistress Omega

An Interview with Mistress Cyan

by Mistress Omega

1. Who or did you study under or where did you study at?I did not “study” under one particular person or in one particular location. I got into the lifestyle about 14 years ago as a submissive was collared and lived that lifestyle for four years before discovering My Dominant side. Some of My mentors include Mistress Jennifer Antone Rubber Mistress Ruth and Mistress Monica. I have also mentored under a number of well known Single Tail and Flogging Experts who conduct seminars and workshops at most of the large events held all over the country.

2. What occupation did you hold before and or now you were a Pro Dom/Sub?

I have always been Dominant and controlling in all areas of My life with the exception of My four years as a submissive when I entered the lifestyle. Before deciding to pursue My current career as a Professional Dominatrix I was a Concert PromoterPersonal Manager and Publisher of a Music and Entertainment Magazine. Prior to that I was the Director of Operations for a $3.3 Billion dollar corporation. As you can probably figure out I’m not into this for the money ! I believe real success is doing something you like and being able to make a living with it… so I consider Myself extremely successful.

3. How long have you been a PRO-DOM/SUB?

I decided to become a Pro Domme about eight years ago and was doing sessions out in the Inland Empire at the Circle P a large house that also held monthly play parties for about 4 years. About 4 years ago Mistress Meta and I had a three-story Dungeon in Glendale. When our lease was not renewed by the new owners I began working with Mistress Alexx Black in West Hollywood. I have been working with Mistress Omega and Mistress Nicole in Our Reseda Dungeon for the past two years.

4. If you were given the power to change 3 things about the world today … what would you do?

Wow ! What a question and what power that would be ! First and foremost the nations of the world would be run by Women and the only political positions that a male could hold would be that of an advisor. I think most of the things that endanger the existence of mankind today would not exist in a Female Dominant world. I truly believe that there would be a lot less war and a lot less starvation. Secondly I would make education mandatory for EVERYONE in the world. I don’t like stupidity and I believe that ignorance promotes prejudice and hatred “people who do not understand rarely accept…” Finally I would make everyone take responsibility for their actions… I hate hearing lame excuses and people who are always blaming their problems on someone else. I do not respect negative attitudes !

5. What religious or spiritual beliefs do you follow or practice?

I don’t currently follow the beliefs of any organized religion. I am spiritual in My own way and believe that if there is a God She is more interested in how we live our lives on a day to day basis and how we treat others rather than be concerned about how many times one attends church. I was raised as a catholic but was very turned off by the catholic community and their “holier than thou attitude. I live My life with a high standard of ethics and morals. I am not afraid to face My God when the time comes I was given a mind to think with and a conscience to know the difference between right and wrong. I’ll be damned if someone thinks they are better than Me because they go to church every Sunday !

6. Do you have any fears or phobias you would like to share? (fear of planes-sharks-earthquakes etc.)

I have two “phobias”… One is a fear of heights. I don’t mind [planes or high buildings as long as I am inside but do not like roofscliffs etc. The other fear I have is of drowning… I swim like a rock and while I feel safe in a pool I would be afraid in deep water !

7. Have you ever had a stalker? Was it someone you knew?

YES ! This was a person who I had known for over 10 years and was in the BDSM Community the whole time. A couple of years ago this person began to sub to Me on a regular basis and after about a year We mutually agreed to a collaring. A large ceremony was held and for a while everything was great until I realized that this sub really only cared about their own needs and not the needs of The Mistress. This person violated all the sacred statutes of this lifestyle… Communication Trust and Honesty. This person stalked Me and was outside My home at 3:00 Am on numerous occasions. The LAPD was called and the helicopter dispatched one night when the person tried to scale the wall and get to My second story balcony. This behavior continued for months even after legal action was taken.

8. Do you support the death penalty?

Yes but I feel that the procedures for issuing it should be more consistent. While I do think that our legal system is the best in the world it could and should be a lot better .

9. Where do you draw the line in your sessions?

I don’t allow sex in My sessions… that means NO oral/genital contact and while I do love strap=on play there is no actual intercourse with the exchange of any bodily fluids. I don’t do sounds or catheters either. Brown showers have been a limit for Mebut am considering it. I ONLY do the things I like to do and that is what makes My sessions so special. They have that “magic” because it’s all real. I don’t do “laundry lists” or go through the motions doing something I don’t like doing. The only time you will hear the word “sex” around Me is when the word “NO” is in front of it !

10. Do you admire any other Doms/Subs in the scene?

Yes of course I do. I will always admire Mistress Jennifer Antone Mistress Jacqueline for everything She has accomplishedMistress Michelle Peters and Mistress Ann Murray for pioneering this lifestyle and helping make it as acceptable as it is as a profession. Also on My Admiration List would be Guy Baldwin Robert Dante The Desert Master Brian Dawson Paige DunlopBunnie Meyer lifestyle Old Guard subs “nick” and “crazy Sharon” Dominas Betty and without a doubt Mistress Omega who I have had the pleasure of working with.

11. What do you hate most about the scene?

The dishonest and insincere people that seem to be coming into the scene as a result of the media hype and the Internet. Anyone can learn to say the “right things” on the Internet and then repeat it so others think they are knowledgeable and respected when in actuality they do not know what they are doing. There are so many “groups” on the Internet today that anyone who does someone “wrong” simply can take on a new profile join another group and start over not taking any responsibility for their actions. I also see a lot of empathy in the scene today… people do not want to stand up against anyone who is wrong anymore. It’s a shame and has hurt the BDSM Lifestyle Community over the past few years and I don’t see it getting any better.

1. What do you love most about the scene?

The “real” people… the ones who are honest and sincere. The ones who care and treasure what this scene has to offer. My closest friends are all people who I have met in the “scene” over the past 14 years.

1. Describe your most over the edge/ wild session ever!

There have been so many… I don’t think that I could just choose one. There has been some memorable “pain slut” sessions and some great humiliation sessions. Probably the most memorable humiliation session was with a slave who I put into strict bondage with spreader bars. He was on his back and I made him move around the room like a turtle on his back while another Mistress and I were amused. After that I put him in a pair of high heels and while still in bondage made him dance and sing “I’m a Little Teapot”… It was one of the funniest things we had ever seen in our lives !

Mistress please tell us more about you:

I am a 5’10” 128 pound blue-eyed blonde TS Domme who measures 34B-25-33

Ive been in the BDSM Lifestyle for over 1 years but fantasized about it My entire life. I have always as far back as I can remember had an interest in bondage and discipline. As I began to realize that there were others like Me in the world I embraced the fact that My fantasies could be My realities and pursued the lifestyle that I had once dreamed about.

Dominant in every other aspect of My life BDSM gave Me the opportunity to explore the submissive side of Myself that I never expressed. Having excelled in sports and being employed as a Director of Operations for a $3.3 Billion Corporationsubmissiveness in the scene was a welcomed change. I thought I had found My niche in this Lifestyle as a submissive until one fateful day when preparing to attend a private play party…

After four years of being submissive My Master suggested that we switch for the evening stating that He had bottomedbefore and missed the sub space. I reluctantly agreed afraid that I would not feel comfortable in the Dominant role. That night changed the rest of My life… I LOVED the top space and discovered the Dominant side that I didnt think I had and since that fateful night things have never been the same !

After playing for a number of years in the private scene I did My first Pro session in 1994. It was then that I knew what I wanted to do with My life. While I had all the power and control that I could ever ask for in My job as a Director of Operations it was not reaching My true essence as a Dominant. Shortly thereafter I decided to leave that job and pursue My dream as a Professional Dominatrix.

Over the years My love and enthusiasm for this Lifestyle continues to grow. It is a part of My life that will always exist and I cannot imagine going without it. For Me it is a 24/7 commitment to Myself to do what I love. For Me success is not measured in dollars and cents… if one finds happiness and fulfillment in every day of their life that is in My opinion true success. That is where I am in My life…

I believe that My experience as a submissive has made Me a better Domme than I could have been without those experiences. I know what the floggers feel like I know what the whips feel like I know the difference between a good warm-up and a bad warm-up I have experienced good scenes and bad scenes and I know what sub space feels like. As a result I know how to take a submissive where they need to go.

I have been elected President of Los Angeles Dommes ad subs and am currently in My second year as President of SoClBound A southern California Female Dominant Lifestyle-oriented organization based in Los Angeles. I have My own 1200 square foot Dungeon and stable of Personal Slaves. I live the life others fantasize about… the life I once fantasized about the fantasy that is now and always will be My reality…

Thank you Mistress Cyan for taking the time for this interview!

You are more than welcome Mistress Omega !