Dark Wisper Interview

Dark Whisper Interview

“Life as I see It.”

(Alternative lifestyles in the new millennium)

The Incredible ‘Mistress Cyan’

Mistress Cyan’s legs body looks and manner make her one of the very best Dominants in the fetish world today. Spending time with her is like a secret gift that you give to yourself. Once opened – you jump with joy!

Randy: After you became a female – totally freed from hiding your desire do you think being fully feminine for the very first time made you assume the submissive side of your D/s involvement in the beginning? Was that your first choice because you were a new woman or did you really enjoy it?

MISTRESS CYAN: No I don’t think that it was the feeling of My femininity that had anything to do with it. I had always had fantasies of Bondage and being submissive. Maybe because I was so Dominant in every other area of My life. When I look back I realize that I have ALWAYS been what people call “A Control Freak”… I was always the one stepping up and making the decisions about what My friends and I were going to do and when. The hardest thing I ever had to learn in business was how to delegate responsibility. As far as whether I enjoyed the submissive role at that time…. I absolutely did! I never would have gotten so involved had I not. As a submissive in My early days I was totally into the Lifestyle… I was collared and wore a collar 24/7. Actually I had no choice about the collar because My Master at the time decided that My collar would be a custom made shiny silver chain collar that was unable to be removed unless it were broken… there was no clasp or buckle… the links of the chain were closed. It was pretty prominent and did raise questions every time I went through a metal detector and set it off ! The looks on the faces of security when I was told to remove it and I told them that it would not come off ! Totally a “Kodak Moment”! But really I did enjoy My days as a submissive and am not ashamed of that. I was not “forced” to submit in order to be trained as a Domina I willingly surrendered that power to My Dominant at that time and it was a very fulfilling experience.

Randy: When you switched from submissive to Dominant one day just for the fun of it you say you were hooked on Domination from that point on. Could you explain that time and what happened-the feelings that rose within you and what part of Dominating did you enjoy the most in the beginning?

MISTRESS CYAN: Well My Master and I were preparing to go to a Fetish Play Party at a Fetish Club one night when My Master confided that He would like to switch for the night and reverse roles. As I have said before this was such a surprise and I was so apprehensive about taking the Dominant role because I had enjoyed the submissive role so much but I agreed to try it.

Shortly after arriving I instructed My submissive for the evening to get Me something to drink and some snacks. He promptly returned got on his knees and offered Me the refreshments. I really liked that and I started to feel a little more comfortable. I then knew that I could “pull it off” that night because as a submissive I knew how to present and therefore knew how to handle My new submissive.

I then ordered him to crawl over to the St Andrews Cross where I secured him and started to do a flogging. Again I really enjoyed this. The feeling I had knowing that I was in control of what was going to happen and when was so cool… I was the one pushing the buttons and guiding My submissive into subspace which is a wonderful place to be… and I speak from experience! I had the authority to do whatever I wanted and decide how far I wanted to take My sub. I also had the power to stop at ANY time I wanted… I had the power to frustrate My slave or drive him into euphoric bliss.

The experience was something that is hard to put into words but it was an awakening… My fantasies of submissiveness were replaced with the reality of Dominance. Afterwards I had a number of slaves in attendance kneeling at My feet begging to serve Me giving Me foot and leg massages and kissing My feet. How could anyone not enjoy that LOL !

Randy: Did you learn the different aspects of being a Dominatrix from other friends with more experience? Did you teach yourself?

MISTRESS CYAN: I was actually taught by some very well known people in the Lifestyle some of which were Pro Dommes and some who were not. I was very lucky to have gotten to know Mistress Jennifer Antone a very experienced Pro Domme who was deeply rooted in the D/s Lifestyle as well. She was fantastic and I will always remember Her as being a major influence.

Many of the people I was “hanging out” with and going to play parties with were long time players. You need to realize that when I came into this there was no Internet… It was pretty much all underground and the Lifestyle was very much “Old Guard.” There was a lot of protocol and everyone who was in ‘the scene’ knew everyone else in one capacity or another. The Janus Society and later- Threshold were really the only “organizations” that were available to what I May call the general public and you were required to attend an orientation before being allowed to join and attend any functions. Many of the people who taught Me were Officers in those groups. They were people who traveled and conducted workshops and seminars at the various Leather events around the country. I am not at liberty to mention names as many of these people are in prominent public positions now and would be inappropriate to “out” them. I credited a few in some recent interviews and they requested that they remain anonymous at this point in their lives so I will respect those wishes.

As far as teaching Myself… I would say that it would be more accurate to say that I have taken what I have been taught and adapted it to My styleperfected it to the point that I am confident and comfortable using everything I have learned in any situation or scene I am in. Everything in lifeincluding BDSM is a learning experience and I am either learning something new or ‘teaching’ Myself something new all the time. Everyone can and should continue to learn and expand their knowledge and expertise. Nobody knows it all and if they think they do the only one they’re fooling is themselves.

Randy: During a session how intense and painful has a submissive begged to be treated?

MISTRESS CYAN: Before I answer this I’d like to first say that when I do a session with someone it is I that decides what when and how things will be done I am not a “paid submissive” that is getting paid to do whatever someone wants Me to do. Yes I find out about the submissive’s desire and fantasies as well as their interests and limits and I take all that into consideration when I am going to structure a scene. I ALWAYS respect hard limits… No means No and a submissive can be assured that his/her hard limits will never be violated in a scene but I also try to include the things that they are interested in into the scene too.

With that being said let Me continue with your question… The most painful thing that a submissive has begged for in a session was to have his cock and balls nailed to a board and then have a glass rod inserted deeply into the urethra. He then wanted Me to beat his cock with a hammer to shatter the glass rod in his urethra. He had said that he’d previously inserted rose bush stems with thorns in the urethra and pulled it out so the thorns would tear up the tissue and had also inserted “stinging nettle” a plant that secretes a very stingy sensation for a considerable amount of time when touched. Needles to say I did not do it even though he begged and begged Me to do it. He even offered Me a great deal of money if I would but I would not. I believe that a Dominant has not only the authority to administer pain and disciplinebut has the responsibility of maintaining the submissive’s safety as well. One must accept that responsibility if they want the authority… they come hand-in-hand with each other.

Now how intense have I been when required… Again I am never “required” to do anything except take on the responsibility of one’s safety and that goes with the territory as I previously stated. I do however get very intense when I want to and when I am playing with heavy players. I really enjoy heavy flogging and single-tail sessions intense Violet Wand play and heavy corporal. I have one person I play with on a regular basis who I have known for about 1 years and we get very intense… I start off with an Over-The-Knee spanking which is one thing I am pretty well known for and is followed up with a leather slapper then a rubber slapper an oak paddle a mahogany paddle a razor strap and finally 200 cane strokes. THAT is pretty intense! The scene usually lasts for about two hours and he can go that far because of the slow warm up and progression. Yes he is a heavymasochistic bottom but could never go that far if someone just started beating his ass. I know how to get REALLY intense in a very safe and non-threatening manner.

Randy: How would you handle a first time cross-dresser? Let’s say that person wishes to be cross-dressed humiliated turned into your slut and be treated like one.

MISTRESS CYAN: No That is actually a pretty common scene with a lot of heterosexual males. They don’t feel that they can go there with their wives of girlfriends for fear of being labeled as gay or they fear that the wife or girlfriend will lose respect for them or even worse laugh at them and leave them. They are afraid that the women in their lives will not understand and that’s a shame. It’s so sad that in our culture today people who are in love with each other cannot be honest with each other for fear of rejection. But in My Dungeon it is another world it is not the vanilla world were people are so judgmental. Everyone can feel accepted rather than tolerated. That enables Me to touch the souls of many I play with.

I understand their fantasies and their desires and I know how to make them a reality on My terms which is also important to the submissive. The session is so much more fulfilling when the submissive is totally not in control and doesn’t know what is going to happen next rather than “topping from the bottom” and telling the Domme what they want to have done to them. When a novice comes to Me with that fantasy I will start doing the session with them as a male and “force feminize” them by requiring them to get into some very feminine attire which can range from some simple lingerie to a full French Maids outfit. I threaten them with a whip so they comply and then usually put them in some type of restraints so they feel vulnerable… I strip them of the masculine energy and male ego and replace it with that soft feminine side that they usually respond to in a very positive way.

I will tell them how sexy they look as a sissy and how much of a slut they are going to become under My training. Compliance brings a level of praise while defiance results in ridicule and punishment. Soon they realize being a sissy for Me is a good thing and relates it to good feelings. I tell them how much they are going to love submitting and are on their way to becoming a little slut that craves taking My strapon in their mouth and their pussy ass.

It is never a surprise that they come see Me on a regular basis… I combine both the physical and emotional needs into My sessions. I take what they have been taught as being wrong or considered taboo as being normal and acceptable in My world.

Randy: Why do you think so many men are drawn to a Dominatrix and other women – who wear spiked heels? Why do many men want to worship high heels spiked heeled boots and feet? Do you think it’s the symbolism and sexiness of them or is it another way for them to be humiliated?

MISTRESS CYAN: Actually I think it’s all of the above both singularly and collectively. High heels are sexy they give the foot and the leg a nice shape and enhance the attractiveness of the female… the derriere has much more shape and the walk is much more feminine. Many get excited just by the sound of “heels clicking on the floor” as women walk.

As far as why some men are attracted to women’s feet that is probably as diverse as there are people. It could be any reason just as some men prefer blondes while others prefer brunettes. Some guys can get turned on looking at a woman’s sexy ass while another is attracted to the legs and then there are those that look at the feet. I don’t really feel that there is any particular reason why a guy has a foot fetish.

But there are without a doubt guys that are into humiliation and enjoy foot worship as a means of reinforcing their position as a lowly male – who is there to serve the Female and helps establish the Female as the Dominant as the submissive is on all fours kissing and worshipping Her feet. There is a symbolism also to an extent because most of humanity today and all through history relate the act of kneeling before someone or kissing their boot as an act of submission and surrender. The submissive’s acceptance of that submission- It reinforces that submission.

And speaking of symbolism it should also be noted that in today’s world where women are assuming the work roles of men running companies as CEO’s in Corporate America and more and more are wearing “male-oriented attire” such as pants and shirts it is the high heel that still remains exclusively feminine. And most men will always be attracted to that which is exclusively associated with femininity in one way or another.

Randy: Could you explain to us a favorite session of yours how you like the submissive to act and what you personally like to do the most to a slave or submissive. You know ‘These are a few of my favorite things?’

MISTRESS CYAN: I would have to say that My favorite sessions are those in which the slave or submissive really reacts to what I am doing. It doesn’t always have to be verbal it can be through body language. My buttons are pushed through the reactions I get from the slave or the submissive. It’s not so much what I am doing although I do love bondage flogging and singletail heavy corporal tickling foot worship forced feminization Violet Wand play and slut training. It’s what I get back that’s important to Me. Someone who just stands sits or lays there and shows no response is like an emotional vampire… all they do is take and take and they give nothing back. I WANT something back from them. I am not there to just give. I won’t play with those type of people.

I have one slave who goes really deep into subspace and reacts to every swat of the paddle and every lash of the whip. It is so erotic to play with someone like that. I will be sensually sadistic by alternating the flogging with the light touches and strokes of My long red fingernails down her back. She almost melts and the goose bumps just jump out as she moans in ecstasy – then I resume the flogging and single-tail and again light sensual touches with an occasional rub on the back and ass with a rabbit fur. It is so sexy and we can play for hours at a time which is important to Me because I NEVER put a time limit on a session.

Randy: I would love to know the extent of the feelings you yourself receive while immersed in an excellent session. Could you go into those emotions and feelings as far as you’d like?

MISTRESS CYAN: Wow that’s a very interesting question and I’d have to say that it’s a number of things. I tend to really focus on what I am doing because it’s not like just going through the motions with Me… My sessions are not like following a manual and going from step 1 to step 2 and so on. Each session is different in one way or another as is each slave or submissive… each is unique in their own way and the sessions tend to take a life of their own.

I “bond” with the person I am playing with on what one might call a spiritual level of sorts. I tune into their feelings and having experienced the sub-space Myself in the past I can identify where they are and what they are experiencing. For Me this bonding is very intense and if the submissive is giving back to Me with their emotions and feelings and are “letting loose” then I am on My way to getting a mental and emotional “orgasm” so to speak which is so much more intense than just a physical one. That might not make sense to a lot of people but anyone can have a physical orgasmthat’s what I have My vibrator for but the mental and emotional ones aren’t brought about by sexual stimulation alone. A good scene is like a drug to me it gives Me a natural euphoric high it stimulates My senses and challenges My abilities. It’s what drives me to be the Domina I am.

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There is no one else like her!

Randy Burns.