My sessions are generally considered to be an hour however I do not like to watch the clock… My sessions are intended to be a fulfilling experience for both of us so most of the time the session will exceed an hour but there are times when it will not. I will not rush a session to finish in an hour nor will I stretch out the time to make it last an hour. Under My direction the session will take on a life of its own…

Extended sessions overnight sessions and sessions with another Mistress Master or submissive are available. These special sessions generally require advance booking and a small deposit. You are encouraged to email Me at with your thoughts and to get additional information.

I do not usually accept same-day appointments but May consider one if My schedule allows. I am a very busy Mistress and recommend that you book your session in advance to insure getting the day and time that you prefer. If you are interested in scheduling a session with Me make sure that you understand My Session Protocol and Phone Etiquette before you contact Me. I will take the time to answer serious questions and/or discuss certain aspects of the session but I am not interested in having a free phone sex session with you. If that is something you would like let Me know and I will discuss what I require to do that type of session over the phone. I can usually be reached most days at My DungeonSanctuary Studios LAX at 310-910-0525.

I do travel and attend a number of events throughout the year and have access to dungeons and play spaces all over America so if you are interested in booking a session with e when I am traveling please keep an eye on My Events and Travel page here on My web site and contact Me via email if I am going to be in your area. If you are interested in having Me travel to you that is possible but I require My expenses to be covered. You May email Me at You May also want to fill out the Session Request Form in advance of contacting Me so that I will have a better understanding of what kind of session you would like/

I have an extensive wardrobe of latex leather and fetish. If there is something in particular that you would like to see Me wearing in session you May ask but the decision will be Mine. If I do not have it I May give you the option of gifting it to Me and I will consider wearing it in session. Please discuss this with Me in your email or during your initial phone call.

Do not waste My time I will hang up on you. I do not have much tolerance for ignorance and/or stupidity and I will not tolerate rudeness…