OWK Interview



by slave bruce

sb: Please tell us a little about Your background. Where are You originally from?

Mistress Cyan: I was born in New Orleans but moved to Los Angeles when I was about seven years old. I lived most of My life in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I occasionally get the opportunity to visit New Orleans and I love visiting there but I’d never leave Los Angeles to live anywhere else.

Actually Hollywood is where I live and I love it here. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from California State Polytechnic University and was a Director of Operations for a $3.3 Billion corporation as well as the publisher of a prominent Music and Entertainment Magazine before making Pro Domination My career…

You see I measure success in terms of how happy you are on a day to day basis rather than how much money you make. I feel that the ONLY thing that you are GIVEN upon entering this world is time and not only do you not know how much you get but once you spend it it’s gone… you can’t get more and you cannot get it back… so I spend My time wisely doing things that make Me happy… and that is being a Mistress.

sb: How did You get involved in BDSM?

Mistress Cyan: It was something that I had always been interested in even as a child when I didn’t even know what it was I was interested ! One day I saw an ad in a Los Angeles newspaper from a person who wanted to make friends with others who had interests in BDSM. I answered the ad we met and became good friends.

I was invited to Her birthday party and noticed that as time went on there were less and less people but nobody had left through the front door. Curious I asked My friend where everyone was and She took Me to the “playroom” a soundproofed garage made into a dungeon. I witnessed for the first time some really intense scenes that frightened Me but also turned Me on. From that point on I was hooked!

sb: Where did You start Professionally?

Mistress Cyan: I first started professionally in a private Dungeon in Riverside California called “The Circle P Ranch”. It was a large two story house on a half acre of land and very private and discreet. We also held play parties every second Saturday of the month for about three years. It ws pretty well-known in The Southern California BDSM Lifestyle Community.

I learned from some of the most well-known “Non-Professional” practitioners in the lifestyle because I started in the lifestyle. People like Bunnie Meyer Paige Dunlop and Mistress Jennifer Antone were major influences and teachers of Mine. These were people who traveled all over the country and the world doing workshops and teaching people how to use the equipment properly and safely.

sb: How old were You when You started Professionally?

Mistress Cyan: Rather than discuss age LOL I’ll just say that I started professionally about seven years ago but it’s only been the last four or five years that I began to go “high profile”. I chose to build My reputation with integrity rather than “buy” it with large ads in every paper. Now My reputation is based on experience and expertise and I’m proud of that!

sb :Please describe Your style of Domination?

Mistress Cyan: Hmmm subtle but demanding… intense but passionate… sadistic but sensual. I make slaves “want” to serve Me. I believe that the largest sex organ is located right between your ears. That is what I Dominate and everything else just follows along. My slaves know I can be a dream come true or their worst nightmare. I am well-educated highly motivated and very successful in what I do. They see that. I always “act” on a situation and never “react” to one. I rationally think things out and while I May not always be right I am NEVER wrong LOL but seriously since I do not “react” emotionally to things and am very methodical and consistent it’s generally difficult to win against Me. They accept that psychological Dominance as well as the physical Dominance.

sb: re You a Female Supremacist?

Mistress Cyan: Yes but I still respect any female who feels submissive and has the need to express that and be in that space. That is a choice a woman has a right to make for Herself. Males howeverare without a doubt the weaker gender and should be submissive to the Female. Although it’s taken centuries the Female Power and Intellect is beginning to overcome the male’s advantage of physical strength. Their false ego and insecurity is slowly but surely taking it’s toll with more and more males becoming “followers” and more and more Females become “Leaders”. As time goes on and more males find their rightful place as a submissive the world will become a much better and safer place than at any other time in recorded history.

sb: What is Your favorite type of scene?

Mistress Cyan: My favorite type of scene is one where the slave is very “reactive”. I love getting reactions when I play that is what “pushes My buttons”. That is what starts that “special bonding” or “magic” between Me and a slave. It the beginning of an exchange of energy that will continue to escalate to a level that is too difficult to describe. Whether I have a slave in strict bondage and am playing with a Violet Wand or have them suspended while I flog and singletail them it’s the reaction that gets Me going. I like to do a slow warm-up and every time I approach their threshold f pain tolerance I back off and sensually stabilize them with My touch then start again and move to a higher level. Before they know it they are going so far beyond what they thought that they could take that they can’t believe it. I like to compare My sessions to that of a hot shower… if you turn the hot water on all the way you can’t take it if you just jump in… but if it’s at a level that is comfortable you will get in and continue to turn the hot water up gradually until it is up all the way. It is feeling good at that point and you are at a level that you thought would be too hot to ever endure if you tried it at the start. That is the same with My sessions… I will take a slave so far into subspace and beyond what he thinks is possible if I am getting a reaction. I hate “dead fish”… those who just stand there or lay there and don’t respond in any way. They are like vampires in My opinion they just take and don’t give Me anything in return. With Me the more a submissive gives Me the more they will get in return.

sb: Please tell me the most intense scene You ever did?

Mistress Cyan: There has been so many that can be considered “intense” and they have been intense in their own way. What I mean by that is that there has been some scenes that have been so very erotic and sensually intense and others that have involved some very heavy corporal that has been intense. I’ll try and give you examples of what I mean…

I recently did a scene where I put a male and a female slave in bondage sitting on a Bondage table back-to-back. Their writs were locked together as were their upper arms and I had a head harness on each which was attached to each other. Each had a spreader bar between their ankles. I securely tied them to the hooks in the bondage table so that there was little or no movement possible. I blindfolded and gagged them both. I started off with just light touching to get their skin sensitized and then took out My Violet Wand which I love ! Every time I touched one with it the other felt it as well the moans and body language was so very exciting.

I enjoyed using all the different attachments on their genitals and other areas. After about 45 minutes of this both orgasmed at the same time which was very very intense ! There were about 15 people watching this at one of My SANCTUARY Play Parties and each said it was one if the most interesting and intense scenes that they had ever seen. I’m thinking of doing it again and making a video of it.

On the other hand many have commented on how intense My corporal sessions are… I have one submissive that I can get so heavy with. I start off with about a half an hour of over the knee hand spanking and then start using a number of slappers I have many. I then proceed to using some light paddles and then My nice oak paddle. From there I move on to a Razor’s Strap for a good 50-75 times and then finish with 150 cane strokes. Let Me tell you I have done this scene privately and at play parties and anyone ho has seen it is in awe. That is intense and it gets My blood hot! Nobody ever sits still in a scene lie that !

I could go on for hours about more and more scenes like that but I know we don’t have the time…

sb: Can You tell me the most humiliating thing You ever did to a slave?

Mistress Cyan: I would say it was about three years ago when Mistress Meta and I had a Dungeon in Glendale (CA). We had this submissive who used to come see us at least three or four times a week and he was so much fun to play with. During one session we decided to really humiliate him so I put him into a rope body harness and attached his wrists to the harness behind his back. I then put some panties a garter belt stockings and a pair of 5” high heels on him and then made him walk around as sexy as he could. Once he had the walk down I made him dance and sing the “I’m a Little Teapot” song for the two of us. We were in hysterics… it was so funny and he was so humiliated but he loved every minute of it almost as much as I did.

sb: How about public humiliation. Do You get into that?

Mistress Cyan: Yes but I use discretion and will not do it in front of children or in a place where it would be disrespectful to others. I respect the rights of other people. For example I think it would be inappropriate and irresponsible to do something “scene-related” in a Denny’s Restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. Families are there and it wouldn’t be right at least in My opinion to expose them to something that shouldn’t be there. That is not consensual on their part. I will however take full advantage of situations where it is appropriate. I love taking a slave who is not into crossdressing to a department store and having him try on a dress or buy lingerie. I make sure he tells the salesgirl that the lingerie is for him. They are usually so embarrassed and humiliated that just the threat of making them do it again strikes fear into their eyes !

sb: How about crossdressers? Do You enjoy these type of scenes?

Mistress Cyan: Oh my I love crossdrssers. I love seeing the transformation of their emotions and psychology as much as the physical transformation. Most crossdressers become so very submissive when they cossdress. I love taking them out for the first time because they are just so damn submissive! They are at My mercy as to where we will go and what we will do. They know that if they don’t please Me or obey Me they will be humiliated beyond belief. There are a number of drag clubs and “gender-friendly” nightclubs here in Los Angeles that I can take them to as a reward if they are good. At those placesthey will be accepted regardless of whether they “pass” or not.

sb: Do You enjoy watersports?

Mistress Cyan: Yes I do. That is one of the things that I did not think I’d enjoy until I did it the first time. I was surprised to find out how much I did like it. There is something very erotic about it to Me and I feel that it is a real tribute to Me when a slave begs for a Golden Shower. I also feel that they are lucky to receive that part of Me and allow them the opportunity to receive such a special and intimate reward. Not all slaves are so lucky.

sb: Do You like heavy corporal?

Mistress Cyan: You’ve touched on one of My favorite aspects of this Lifestyle. I love corporal even though I don’t consider Myself to be a “true sadist” I love using My floggers and My singletails in a good beating. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use My whips… even if I am not doing a session I find the time to play with My whips.

As I said earlier I like slow warm-ups… I guess it’s a little selfish in a way because I know I will be able to go longer and heavier than I would be able to otherwise. I like to hurt a submissive not harm themand there IS a big difference between “hurting” and “harming” someone.

When My slave or submissive gets into “subspace” we are well on our way to a long intense and fulfilling experience. Once they are so far out there in subspace the only limits on how hard or how far we will go is the limit(s) that I set. It is at that time that I know the slave’s limits better than the slave does. Most of My sessions with floggers and singletail ends with the slave barely able to stand on their own. I reach their basic core.

I am aware that many of the submssives that I play with have significant others and marking can be a problem. If that is the case that is not a problem for Me… I have enough experience with the equipment I use to do a very heavy and/or extended scene without leaving a mark but of course if marks are not a problem I will leave them.

sb: Your legs and feet are absolutely exquisite. Do You enjoy foot worship?

Mistress Cyan: Absolutely ! I love it… Having a slave at my feet giving Me a massage kissing and pampering them is something I will never get tired of. I have long slender legs that also love to be massaged and adored. Slaves who gift Me with sexy shoes and expensive stockings are rewarded with longer foot and leg worship sessions.

sb: What is Your favorite implement for this?

Mistress Cyan: Without a doubt My singletails ! I absolutely love using them and do so at every opportunity. I have two favorites a Patterson that I have hed for about six years and a four foot braided singletail both of which are close to My heart. They both have different feels and each have a special place in My scenes.

I also enjoy using a razor’s Strap on those who are heavy enough to endure it and last but not least there’s the cane. I don’t care how tough a slave is a good caning will remind them who is in charge.

sb: Do You have any personal slaves?

Mistress Cyan: Yes I currently have two collared and a few uncollared. One collared slave has been a Personal Slave to Me for about seven years and the other has been collared for about two years. Both are very loyal and dedicated and I am very fortunate to have such committed slaves. There are a number who would like to become My Personal Slave and I am considering the possibility. I am a very picky person and do not accept “just anyone”.

I released one of My Personal Slaves this past January for unacceptable behavior. Stalking became an issue so I am much more discerning now than at any other time. For those who are interested in serving Me in that capacity there is an application on My website.

sb: Do You take photographs of slaves in sessions?

Mistress Cyan: My slaves and many of the submissives that I see are not bashful in front of the camera so I get the opportunity to photograph a lot of sessions. I will never allow a session to be photographed without the slave consenting to it and signing a release. Communication Trust and Honesty is the foundation of this Lifestyle so I would never breach that with anyone not even a slave or a submissive.

sb: What kind of slaves do You like the most and least?

Mistress Cyan: I have a special place in My heart for slaves who are genuine… those who are honest and sincere… those who really care about Me My feelings and My needs. They are the one’s that give Me more than money or material things they re the ones that give Me their soul. True submission is a gift and I treat it as the precious gift that it is. I cherish it and I treasure it. It is a gift that I appreciate just as a slave appreciates My gift of Dominance. Slaves like that are hard to find so when I do I appreciate them. On the other hand most submissives are only interested in fulfilling their own needs. They do not truly care about the needs of their Mistress unless those needs are in line with their own. There is no room in My life for a selfish slave.

And I do not like slaves who “need” to be “forced” to serve or submit. This is not a game to Me it is a Lifestyle that I am serious about. I appreciate slaves who serve Me because it makes Me and themhappy. I like those who serve Me because they want to not because they have to. If I am going to “force” a slave to do something it’s going to be what I want him to do how can I possibly “force” someone to do something they really want to do ? That’s “topping from the bottom” and there is nothing that I dislike more than slaves who are manipulative and try to “top from the bottom”.

sb: What is Your favorite type of clothing?

Mistress Cyan: Long black skirts and black tops. I like the gothic look and I love black. I also like all types of fetish wear especially leather and PVC. I think leather is so erotic. I love the feel and I love the smell of it. I wear a lot of sexy fetish wear when I attend play parties or session and I adore corsets and I love wearing boots !

I dress in the things that feel comfortable and/or make Me feel comfortable in whatever situation I am in. I dress for Myself not for others.

sb: What is the greatest thrill You get from Domination?

Mistress Cyan: Being in that special place that’s magical when I “bond” with a slave in a session that is really intense. The exchange of power that gives Me the control to take a slave to a place where he or she has never been before. It’s the energy that is exchanged when a slave genuinely submits and we both push the limits of the slave’s mind and body. That is the feeling that all the words in the world could not fully describe.

I don’t do drugs have never even tried any but this is like a drug to Me. It is a level of consciousness that I can only achieve through My Domination.

sb: Do you session with novices?

Mistress Cyan: Yes I do. Everyone has been a novice at one time or another. There are now so many people out there thanks to television and the Internet that decide to “become a Mistress” because they think it’s easy or that they can make a lot of money. They don’t know what they are doing and there are a lot of novices who are getting hurt or abused and don’t even know it because they don’t know any better.

I am very good with novices and work well with beginners. I want their experience with BDSM to be a rewarding and memorable experience. It will also give them a point of reference in the future to determine if the person that they are playing with knows what they are doing.

The novice however must be sincere and know what they are getting into. They must understand what this is all about. I will talk extensively with a novice and if they are sincere and they do understand I will accept them for a session.

But if they have no concept about what this is all about and are “just curious” or looking for sex then I’m not interested in giving them My time. My time is valuable and I don’t waste it. I don’t do any sex and if that’s what someone is looking for then they’re wasting My time and theirs.

sb: What is one of your favorite positions to have a sub in?

Mistress Cyan: Any position that reinforces their submissiveness and vulnerability. I particularly like a slave to be kneeling on the floor with their face to the floor and their ass high in the air. When the hands are tied behind their back and their legs are widely spread they are fully aware of their submissiveness and their vulnerability and know they are totally helpless and under My control.

sb: What is your favorite drink?

Mistress Cyan: Raspberry Iced Tea

sb: But you are much more than a professional and lifestyle Domina perhaps you could share one or two of your other interests?

Mistress Cyan: I really enjoy building websites and am always updating My site and helping others with theirs. I am very creative and have always taken advantage of the intelligence I have. My main focus is happiness in My life and everything I do is something that I like doing. I don’t so anything that I don’t want to.

I also devote a lot of My time to charity. For the past nine years I have promoted “Toys For Tots” concerts and Food Drives for the homeless and needy. Each November I do a large “Slave Auction” in which canned food and dry goods are exchanged for “auction money” to buy the slaves who put themselves up for auction for the evening. Last November’s was the best yet collecting more than 2000 cans of food and a couple hundred pounds od stuffing and instant potatoes. I do the same thing in December to collect toys and food for those less fortunate at Christmas.

Last year was another success with about $3000 in toys about 500 cans of food and 150 pounds of dry goods.

A lot of people were fed and a lot of children had toys on Christmas morning who might not have without My efforts and that makes Me feel good. I hate the idea of people going hungry or kids not having toys on Christmas morning. It’s My way of giving something to those who are less fortunate than Myself.

sb: Do You have any videos for sale?

Mistress Cyan: A couple and I am working on a series of them now. I also do custom video for those who have a special interest or are too far away to visit Me for a session. For more information it’s best to email Me at MistressCyan@gmail.com

sb:What are Your favorite types of gifts?

Mistress Cyan: Fetish clothing fetish footwear and toys. Those are all the things that will get the most use. I also like lingerie and corsets. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive for Me to appreciate italthough I must admit that expensive gifts tend to flatter Me a bit more than inexpensive ones. As long as it is a gift from the heart it will be greatly appreciated. Since I get asked this a lot I put a “Wish List” on My website. And Gift Certificates are always welcomed!

sb: Do You attend any public functions?

Mistress Cyan: All the time. I attend the various Munches Socials and Play Parties around Los Angeles and believe Me there are a lot of them ! I am also the President of a Female Dominant Lifestyle-Oriented organization called SoCal Bound based here in Los Angeles that hosts a number of events each and every month.

sb: What is a really kinky scene that You havent done yet that You would like to do with a slave?

Mistress Cyan: That’s a good question. Let Me think… maybe to take a slave to a mountain retreat for a week and make him My pet for the entire time. I’d require him to be naked the whole time and live like an animal for the whole week spending the entire time on all fours not being allowed to speak and having to scratch at the door to go outside to go to the bathroom. I’d put him on a leash and walk him and teach him to perform tricks. I think that would be great fun !

sb: Do You also work with Women and couples?

Mistress Cyan: Yes and I do so at every opportunity! I love the energy of women and have never had a session with a woman that wasn’t great. I don’t get the opportunity to play with couples quite as often maybe only a few times a month but it’s always a good experience !

sb:i know You have traveled extensively. What places have You found the most appealing?

Mistress Cyan I love to visit New Orleans. It is such a fun town and so full of decadence… there’s no place like The French Quarter at night. I also loved Toronto and will never get enough of Las Vegas. I have yet to visit OWK but it is on My list of important things to do so slaves take note… I am available to accompany you on a trip to the place that will change your life forever !

sb: What Mistresses do You admire in the scene?

Mistress Cyan: I will always have admiration for Mistress Jennifer Antone She is in a class all of Her own. I also admire Mistress Michelle Peters Mistress Ann Murray and Mistress Jacqueline for everything they have accomplished and for everything that they have done for this Lifestyle. My list would also include Mistress Omega Mistress Ilsa StrixMistress Isabella Sinclair and Mistress Jordan.

sb: Do You offer e-mail training for long distance slaves? If so what techniques do You employ to verify obedience to Your commands?

Mistress Cyan: Yes I do and My methods to insure compliance vary from slave to slave. Many of them are required to submit photos and some must appear on a webcam if they have one. I always have an idea of how to verify their assignment before I give them the assignment.

For example there have been times that I have required a slave to buy himself lingerie and tell Me where he bought it. I will then contact the store and ask the salesgirl if she was told that he was buying it for himself.

There are a lot of ways to make sure that someone is following My directions and even if they can “get away with something” some of the times I will find out sooner or later. They never know when I will ask for verification and they know that I place Trust and Honesty at the top of My list. If I catch them lying just once it is all over because I will never be able to trust them again and I won’t waste My time on them.

sb: Please tell us about Your fabulous website. What future plans do You have for it? Do You have a members section?

Mistress Cyan: My website is MistressCyan.com and I do have a member’s section with Photo Galleries from some of My sessions and photo shoots with such bondage and fetish models as Alexandra Chareese and Sirena Scott. I update it with new photo galleries every week. There is also a lot of information on the site as well as links.

In the very near future I will be posting Guest Galleries and Mistress Profiles as well. It’s a pretty large website as it is and it keeps getting bigger. I have a lot of new ideas that you’ll just have to wait for to see!

If there are any Mistresses interested in exchanging links banners and/or photo galleries feel free to email MistressCyan@gmail.com.

sb: Please tell prospective slaves how You can be contacted.

Mistress Cyan: Prospective slaves are encouraged to email Me at MistressCyan@gmail.com. They May also call Me at My Dungeon at 818-344-2795 but I would recommend emailing because I am a bit difficult to reach at times. I do not answer the phone during a session or when I am in a photo or video shoot. I would also suggest that a prospective slave go to My website MistressCyan.com to find out a little bit about Me.

A prospective slave should be prepared to ask Me pertinent questions and answer mine as well. Any that are looking for “free phone sex” should consider calling someone else.

sb: I understand You have Your own Dungeon can You tell us a little about it?

Mistress Cyan: My Dungeon known as SANCTUARY is a 1200 square foot facility and is located in The San Fernando Valley just minutes from Los Angels. Fully equipped and air-conditioned the Dungeon features a large main playroom and smaller private playrooms with a variety of play stations that includes bondage tables spanking horses suspension frames slings and St. Andrews Crosses and more. I also have a Medical Fantasy room complete with a medical exam table for those who are into medical fantasy play.

I have fully equipped Dungeon space available to other Mistresses for session rentals or monthly private lockout if they prefer to have their own private room. I also host a weekly SANCTUARY Play Party at the Dungeon that is Lifestyle-oriented. I have held these play parties every weekend since January 2001. For those who are interested in more information they can look on My website at MistressCyan.com

sb: Do You have any travels plans in the near future?

Mistress Cyan: I do. I will be in New York City between October 24th and October 30th to do sessions shoot a video with Bondage Divas and do photo shoots. I will be doing My sessions at The Den of Iniquity. I am now pre-booking sessions so if anyone wants to book a session in advance they should email Me at MistressCyan@gmail.com or call Me at 818-344-2795. I will also be checking My email and messages when I am in New York. I’d also like to hear from any photographers who would like to schedule a photo or video shoot.

sb: Do You think You’ll visit the OWK someday ?

Mistress Cyan: I hope so. It is on My list of important things to do. I don’t see it happening in the near future but if and when the opportunity arises I will surely be there.

sb: Thank You very much for the interview Mistress Cyan!

Mistress Cyan: You are very welcome bruce.